Investigative Support Center


The mission of the Central Florida Investigative Support Center (ISC) is to be a clearinghouse for information to be translated into effective investigative intelligence in support of CFHIDTA enforcement initiatives.  This will include the collection, research, analysis and dissemination of information on the composition, scope and dynamics of money laundering, drug trafficking, and drug related violent crime organizations, providing clarity to, and an understanding of, the organized criminal elements operating in Central Florida HIDTA area of responsibility.


The intent of the Central Florida Investigative Support Center (ISC) is to assist (CFHIDTA) initiatives in the successful development and prosecution of their investigations through analytical support. The result of this support will be a greater understanding of the organizational structure of local, multi-state and international criminal organizations, leading to more successful cases and prosecutions. The basic premise of the ISC is to provide analytical support for high impact enforcement efforts targeted to create the maximum disruption and dismantlement of criminal organizations within the Central Florida region.


All CFHIDTA member law enforcement agencies are invited to be a participant of the ISC.

Each participating agency will provide their assigned representatives access to the parent agency’s intelligence/law enforcement databases.

Submission, storage, maintenance and dissemination of criminal Intelligence information will be conducted in accordance with Federal and State law, as well as National Security Agency guidelines governing the operation of similar federal law enforcement centers, and the provisions of 28, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 23, as outlined in the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs. Guidelines G4600.1 and subsequent modifications or revisions to these guidelines will be adhered to.